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The IPunch Trainer gives you directions to punch along with. The instructions get harder as you’re punching, so you’ll always be challenged. It's a great way for new and experienced boxers to work on their skills when you can’t go to your coaching session

3 minute workout round
Put your phone to one side and work the bag and and when you finish review your punches. Your rounds will be saved to your IPunch profile and synced to our site, allowing you to track your progress and share your workout stats with friends.

Test of Strength
If you want to quickly compare your punching power against your friends then compete in our Test of Strength game. You each get 3 attempts to land your hardest punch to decide the winner. Bragging Rights included.


Do I need to plug the gloves in to my phone?
No, all data transfer happens over Bluetooth.

Will IPunch gloves work with all smartphones?
Currently IPunch gloves work with all Android devices with Bluetooth Smart. We support iPhones (Gen 4S & newer) and iPads (Gen 3+ & Mini). Check that your device has Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy.

How long does the battery last?
Approximately 15 hours of continuous use, or 300 3-Minute Rounds.

How do I recharge my gloves?
Simply attach the cable (included) to a USB port on your computer.

Why 4 Ounce MMA gloves instead of full size boxing gloves?
MMA gloves are lighter and allow you to easily interact with your smartphone whilst wearing them. Boxing gloves with IPunch technology will be available in the future.

Can I use IPunch gloves for sparring/fights?
We recommend our gloves only be used for bag and pad work.

Are IPunch gloves safe?
Yes, we’ve tested them in hundreds of rounds. The electronics are very small and located within padding on the wrist support.

Do IPunch gloves come in different sizes?
Yes, from Small to Extra Large. We'll confirm your sizing requirements after you place your order.

Can I put IPunch gloves in my washing machine?
IPunch gloves are not suitable for machine washing. The gloves are made of Rex Leather which is wipe clean..